terms of service

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Terms of Service


Article 1 Purpose 

 This Agreement is based on Elias Studio's “makeron” (hereinafter referred to as “makeron-analytics soultion”) accounts through web services, mobile applications and other application services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”). Information on the conditions and procedures for using the website (https://analytics-makeron.kr, hereinafter referred to as “makeron-analytics soultion”) that provides additional functionality in connection with the Management Services; It is for the purpose of defining other necessary matters. 


Article 2 Definition 

① “Service” means all services provided in “Website” for managing SNS account. 

② “User” means “User” in terms of this agreement among those who have “Website” account. depending signed a "marketing Long" and the contract, and says to those who manage their accounts via the website. 

③ term "application" refers to the user is responsible for services or websites you want to receive the service. 


Article 3 Posting and Amendment of Terms and Conditions 

① “makeron-analytics Solution” posts the contents of this agreement on the initial screen of the website so that users can easily see it .. 

② “makeron-analytics Solution” is related to the laws and regulations related to the regulation. You may change these terms so long as they do not violate the.

③ In the case of “makeron-analytics Solution” changes in the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for revision shall be specified on the website from 7 days before the date of application to the day before the date of application. However, if it is revised due to the disadvantages of the user, it will be individually notified by the notification means specified in Article 9 (1) 30 days before the application date. 

④ "makeron-analytics soultion" expressly refuses even though the user has notified or notified the terms of change according to the preceding paragraph and clearly indicated or indicated that the user would express his / her intention within a certain period of time. If you do not express your intention to agree, you agree to the terms of change. 

⑤ If the user does not agree to the application of the change agreement, “makeron-analytics Solution” cannot apply the contents of the change agreement. In this case, the user can terminate the use agreement. However, if there is a special situation that cannot be applied to the existing terms and conditions, you can terminate the contract for use of “makeron-analytics Solution”. 


Article 4 Interpretation of Terms and Conditions 

① “makeron-analytics Solution” may have a separate service operation policy (hereinafter referred to as “operation policy”) in connection with service provision. 

② Any matters or interpretations not specified in this agreement shall be governed by the operation policy and related laws or related cases. 


Article 5 Establishment of Service User Subscription

① The subscription of the service user is the one who wants to become a user (hereinafter referred to as "applicant applicant") agrees on the contents of the agreement, and then applies for the user registration according to the procedure set by "makeron-analytics soultion", Long-analytics Solution ”concludes by accepting this application. 

② In principle, “Macaroons – analytics Solution” will accept the use of the service for the applicant. However, "makeron-analytics soultion" may not approve or terminate the contract after application for the following cases. If the applicant has previously lost his / her status under this agreement. If you do not use your real name or use the name of another person, if you provide false information or if you do not fill in the contents provided by “makeron-analytics soultion”, if you are under 14 years old, you cannot use it for reasons of fault. In case of using in violation of the prescribed provisions 

③ “makeron-analytics Solution” may withhold approval in case of lack of service-related facilities or technical or business problems. 


Article 6 Obligations of Personal Information Protection 

“makeron-analytics Solution” strives to protect user's personal information as prescribed in related laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network and Information Protection. The website does not collect any personal information and directs you to the information on the publicly available platforms. 


Article 7 Obligations of User Account Management

① You are responsible for managing your website account, and you should not allow it to be used by third parties. 

② If the user recognizes that the account is hijacked or used by a third party, he / she shall immediately notify the "makeron-analytics soultion" and follow the instructions of "makeron-analytics soultion". 

(3) In the case of the preceding paragraph, the user shall not notify "makeron-analytics soultion" of the fact or, if notified, to the disadvantages caused by not following the guidance of "makeron-analytics soultion". Is not responsible. 


Article 9 Notice to Users

① Users can search only the information of their various SNS platforms, and in no case should they check or search the information of others, and this information may be inaccurate. Showing solution. 


Article 8 Rights and Obligations of makeron-analytics soultion

① “makeron-analytics soultion” complies with relevant laws and regulations and makes every effort to provide continuous and stable service. 

② “makeron-analytics soultion” should have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that users can use the service safely.

③ If the opinion or complaint raised by the user regarding the use of the service is deemed to be justified, the “makeron-analytics soultion” shall be processed. The process and result shall be communicated to the user through the bulletin board or e-mail. can. 

④ "makeron-analytics soultion" can post the user's name, logo and contents at no additional cost for the purpose of introducing the user's use of the service. However, at the request of the user, the posting can be stopped or modified and re-published with mutual agreement. 


Article 9 Obligations of User 

① Users shall comply with related laws, this Agreement, Operation Policy, User Guide, Manual, Guide, and the matters notified or notified by "makeron-analytics soultion", and other "makeron-analytics soultion". Do not interfere with the work of “. 

② The user shall not perform the following acts in connection with the use of the service, and in the case of the following acts, “makeron-analytics soultion” may suspend the use of the service or terminate the contract without prior notice. 


Fraudulent use of SNS and website accounts by other users and third parties Hacking activities that are intended for criminal activity or otherwise infringe the intellectual property rights of others (including "makeron-analytics soultions") Act or dissemination of computer virus"Makena Long-analytics solutions" is to access using a method other than the method of guidance services act without permission to collect user information, use or otherwise provided to others - "analytics Solutions marketing Long" using the service the act of sending the advertisement information for commercial purposes in violation of the relevant laws obscene and copyright infringement actions to develop the content of the program, such as a violation of the laws of spam targeted to children under the age of 14, Changsha, obscene, and all unlawful acts .

" Make, Copy, Modify, Distribute, Sell, Transfer, Lend, Secure, or Authorize Others to Use All Services or Part of the Software Provided by “Makerons – analytics Solutions” It acts such as trying to extract the code without the explicit consent of the "analytics marketing solutions Long," " Kerong "trademarks and logos, and sales unauthorized act of using the cover of the parameters required for the service that is, the profile of the developer account (name, email address, company name, etc.), application / information services (name, icon site domain, package name, Market URL, bundle ID, etc.) the act of entering false or otherwise described (including the case where the information is not modified though the change maintains the information in the past) user consent of the registered account Publish or manage content on your behalf without

Article 27-2 of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (Publication of the Privacy Policy), Article 20 (Notification of the Sources of Collection of Personal Information Collected from Non-Data Subjects), etc. 


"Makeron-Analytics Solution", "makeron" for users who violate the laws and regulations that must be observed in the use, processing of third parties, or consignment of user's personal information collected / processed through the Solution or Service. Using the service with the main purpose of redirecting from the service operated by "Makeron", etc., to the media or users without the prior approval of "makeron-analytics soultion". It said about the relationship between the (official press release writing, web posts, including such public) act of cars that service is limited Acts use the service to take advantage of the illegal, in violation of the application of other laws such as the meandering web which corresponds to the ring through the details of your account to display / processing certain information to advocate for racial or ethnic discrimination using the services provided The use of the service beyond the limit Any action that may interfere with or cause the stable operation of the service. Even if an error occurs in the service operated by the user for reasons unrelated to the service provided by “makeron-analytics soultion” Informing the media or the user that the error has occurred as the responsibility of "makeron-analytics soultion." Prohibited acts specified in the operation policy (specific matters are determined in the operation policy) 

③ The user may use the service and the information obtained by using the "makeron-analytics soultion" (including data, secret key, access token, etc.). You may not copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, search engines or enter directories or otherwise provide them to others without prior written consent. However, if you have a confidentiality agreement with your agent, you can share that information. 

④ In order to confirm the provision of the service or the violation of this agreement, the user must faithfully respond to the request for the “Makerong-analytics Solution” to provide the data or access rights and related facts. 

⑤ If the user does not manage the account within the specified scope of management, and if the damage is incurred due to excessive management, “makeron-analytics soultion” is not responsible for the disadvantage. 

⑥ If the user violates the obligations set forth in this Article, and the damage of “makeron-analytics soultion” occurs, “makeron-analytics soultion” may claim damages against the user. 


Article 10 Contents of Service

① Services are classified as follows. Management Mode: It is a service that provides various base platforms such as service management such as account management, account schedule management, etc., starting with the user management function of the “makeron-analytics soultion” platform.

② The user can use the SNS management function in the management mode through the application application procedure, usage method, and other details of the service after joining the user, and can answer questions about the service use through 24-hour consultation and inquiry. 

③ "makeron-analytics soultion" can guide you through the application process, how to use the service, and other details of the service through the website, and the user should check this carefully before using the management mode service. 


Article 11 Provision of Services, etc. 

① "makeron-analytics soultion" provides services that can be differentially provided depending on the user's qualification. 

② If the company provides a paid service, the user can use the paid service after agreeing to the paid terms and conditions. You can check the details of the service according to the fee through the purchase policy explanation page on the website. 

③ The use of the service is based on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special problem in the business or technology of "makeron-analytics soultion". 

④ “makeron-analytics soultion” may temporarily suspend the provision of services in case of maintenance, replacement, breakdown, failure, loss of communication, or reasonable operation of information and communication facilities such as computers. In this case, "makeron-analytics Solution" will notify the user in the manner specified in Article 9. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that “Macaroons – analytics Solution” cannot notify you in advance, you can notify us afterwards.

⑤ “makeron-analytics Solution” can conduct regular checks when necessary to provide services, and the regular check-up times will be announced through the website. 


Article 12 Modification of Service 

① “Macaroons – analytics Solution” may change the contents, operation or technical matters of the service to provide stable service. 

② “makeron-analytics Solution” will notify the website in advance when the service changes. 

③ "makeron-analytics soultion" is a part or all of the services provided free of charge. "makeron-analytics Solution" can be modified, suspended or changed as necessary for policy and operation. There is no compensation for the user. 


Article 13 Attribution of Rights 

① Copyright and intellectual property rights of the service belong to "Maclonong-analytics Solution." However, the statistics of the SNS account managed by the user and the user's activities on the platform are excluded. 

② “makeron-analytics soultion” gives the user only the right to use an account and website in accordance with the terms and conditions set by “makeron-analytics soultion”, and the user transfers, sells, and provides security. Do not dispose of, etc. 


Article 14 Termination and Compensation for Service Use Agreement

① You can apply for the termination of the service use contract at any time by accessing the website, and the “makeron-analytics Solution” will promptly process the user's termination request as prescribed by the law. 

② "makeron-analytics soultion" can terminate this service use contract such as statistical service provided to ensure the stability of service at any time. 

③ If damages are caused by “Macronon – analytics Solution” or the user violating the provisions of this agreement, the party who violates this agreement should reimburse other party. 

④ When a user makes a "Maclon Long-analytics Solution" due to illegal activities or violation of this agreement, he or she receives various objections, including claims for damages or litigation, from a third party other than the user. You shall indemnify, and indemnify, and indemnify and hold harmless any damages arising out of the Maconron analytics Solution. 


Article 15 Restriction of Use 

① “makeron-analytics soultion” means warning, data deletion request, and suspension (when the platform function Use of the service, such as restricting access to the app), or termination of the agreement. 

② “makeron-analytics Solution”, despite the foregoing, may terminate the service use contract immediately if the user violates the current law.

③ In the case of restricting the use of the service or terminating the contract in accordance with this Article, "makeron-analytics soultion" will notify the user in accordance with Article 9. 

④ The User may make an objection to the restriction of use under this Article according to the procedure prescribed by “makeron-analytics soultion”. If the objection is justified by the "makeron-analytics Solution", "makeron-analytics Solution" will immediately resume use of the Service. 


Article 16 Limitation of Liability 

① "makeron-analytics soultion" shall not be provided if the service cannot be provided due to natural disasters, DDOS attacks, IDC failures, line service providers of the telecommunications carriers or similar force majeure. Is not responsible for it. 

② “makeron-analytics soultion” is not responsible for any obstacles to the use of the service due to the user's fault. 

③ "makeron-analytics soultion" does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, legality, etc. of the account managed directly by the user, and does not bear any responsibility in relation to it. 

④ “makeron-analytics soultion” provides only additional functions for convenient management of users through the service, and does not guarantee any improvement in the effect of using the service. 

⑤ “makeron-analytics soultion” is not responsible for the use of the provided services unless there are special regulations in related laws. 


Article 17 (Procedures and Processing Periods by User Complaint Form)

User complaint form, processing procedure and processing period are as follows. Complaint form: payment, error (disorder), service restriction, etc. In case of dissatisfaction with the service, the user can make a suggestion at any time using the company's customer center. 


Article 18 Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

① All lawsuits filed between “makeron-analytics soultion” and users shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea. 

② “makerong-analytics Solution” shall file a lawsuit regarding disputes arising between users to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Law. 


Supplementary Provisions 

① These Terms and Conditions shall apply from May 01, 2019. However, all users will be based on the period from the time of notification of this agreement to the day before the effective date.

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